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Finding a reliable Ferrari GTB Rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills can go a long way when it comes to making sure that you will have the best and easiest times of your life during your trip in the city. Wouldn’t it be great to cruise through the streets of Beverly Hills riding an exotic car like Ferrari GTB?

Ferrari GTB Rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is Available Today

Four decades after the unveiling of the 308 GTB, the very first mid-rear-engined V8 Berlinetta, the prancing horse once again opens a new chapter in its history of 8-cylinder.

The Ferrari GTB marks the comeback of the classic model designation of Ferrari. This car doesn’t only delivers an exceptional performance as it even makes this extreme power controllable and exploitable to unprecedented level even by newbie drivers. A Ferrari GTB Rental in Hollywood will let you have a one of a kind experience like no other.

Los Angeles Ferrari GTB Rental Details

The Ferrari Styling Centre designed the Ferrari GTB featuring notably sculptural flanks that shows off its unique character. It has a large signature scallop for air intake that takes inspiration from the original GTB with a splitter dividing it into two sections.

A dual grille opening characterizes the front that channels air to the two radiators. A double front spoiler is also noted and on closer inspection, it resembles the one found in F1 single-seaters. Two pylons at the center are combined with deflactor that channels air to the flat underbody.

The cabin of Ferrari GTB was made to exude extreme sportiness without the need to sacrifice occupant comfort. It heightens the cockpit’s impression tailored around the needs of the driver. The commands not clustered on steering wheel are on wraparound satellite pods that are angled directly to the driver. The new more impact and much lighter compact dashboard features some ultra-sporty air vents that are inspired by military jet air intake.

Why Rent A Ferrari GTB in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood?

A trip in Beverly Hills would not be complete without a visit to the best attractions and restaurants. Relying on public transport or getting around by foot can be a burden. This is the reason why you should rent a Ferrari GTB in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, so you don’t have to turn an invitation or miss any chance to see some path points of interest.

Where to Hire a Ferrari GTB in LA?

If you want to hire a Ferrari GTB in LA, you can never go wrong with The Yes Culture.

  • Rent a Ferrari GTB in LA

Going around LA will never be a hassle once you rent a Ferrari GTB.

  • Rent a Ferrari GTB in Beverly Hills

If you love everything about Beverly Hills, you do not want to experience any hassles. That is why renting Ferrari GTB in Beverly Hills is never a bad idea.

  • Rent a Ferrari GTB in Hollywood

Experience nothing but the highest level of convenience when you rent a Ferrari GTB in Hollywood.