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If you are searching for a luxurious ride, you should never forget to include Rolls Royce Dawn in your list. It may be the most plush and luxurious convertible in the world these days. It is also the quietest for those who don’t know.


Rolls Royce Dawn Rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is Available Today

Rolls Royce has a short history when it comes to convertible cars. Before Rolls Royce Dawn, there’s Rolls Royce Corniche. It was in production from year 2000 to 2002 and only a total of 374 were built. It is a 4-seater and 6800lb equipped with a 325 horsepower, 544 pound-foot of torque 6.75L turbocharged V8 mated to 4-speed automatic. Rolls Royce Corniche was also the most expensive model back then.

In 2016, Rolls Royce Dawn was released and it’s powered by 563 horsepower twin-turbo 6.6L V12 mated to 8-speed automatic, which routes power to rear wheels. It is a 5600 lb convertible with 0-62mph acceleration time of only 4.9 seconds, even if it is built not for speed but for comfort.


Los Angeles Rolls Royce Dawn Rental Details

Rolls Royce Dawn comes fitted with the finest of German engineering prowess and British craftsmanship. Its interior is something to marvel at and you would be hard pressed to look for 2 Dawns that look similar. All Rolls Royce Dawns are custom built and handmade with finest metals, wood, and upholstery.

Its cabin is akin to the lounge and has a spacious seating for four people. It is more expansive once its roof comes down. Its doors require no effort as they close and open for you automatically. If you are with your family, consider Rolls Royce Dawn rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Los Angeles has countless of activities to offer for everyone.


Why Rent A Rolls Royce Dawn in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood?

Rolls Royce Dawn rental is best for those who are luxury car enthusiasts and want to experience a glamorous stay in Los Angeles.

If you are around Beverly Hills, you will love riding Rolls Royce Dawn. It is the home to majority of California population and considered as one of the diverse counties in the US. Known for being the world’s entertainment capital, it is a cultural mecca, which houses hundreds of museums.


Where to Hire a Rolls Royce Dawn in LA

You can level up your experience in LA with Rolls Royce Dawn rental at The Yes Culture.

  • Rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in LA

Ride the sexy convertible Rolls Royce Dawn rental in Los Angeles and enjoy the most luxurious experience of your life.

  • Rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Beverly Hills

Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, a Rolls Royce Dawn rental in Beverly Hills is a great choice.

  • Rent a Rolls Royce Dawn in Hollywood

Book Rolls Royce Dawn rental in Hollywood at the soonest time possible to enjoy an exceptional ride.