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Personalized service is what you will get from Rolls Royce Ghost rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. It will surely make a difference to your travel in LA and will provide you the peace of mind and convenience you deserve.

Rolls Royce Ghost Rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is Available Today

In terms of modern luxury, there is no other brand name that exudes indulgence the way a Rolls Royce does. This car brand has a short history, but its story is packed of interesting points. One of the best and interesting models is Rolls Royce Ghost.

Rolls Royce Ghost was announced first in April 2009 at Auto Shanghai Show as more affordable and much smaller version of the popular Phantom. When it was unveiled on that year at Frankfurt Motor Show, everyone was convinced that Rolls Royce Ghost was more effective and efficient than its predecessor.

Los Angeles Rolls Royce Ghost Rental Details

Rolls Royce Ghost was engineered by Helmut Riedl and designed by Andreas Thurner. Riedl was the one who led the development of the bigger Phantom. Rolls Royce Ghost, during its design phase, was made to compete with the vehicles less expensive compared to Phantom.

Rolls Royce Ghost is actually based on heavily modified platform that’s shared with F01 BMW 7 Series. The company basically concedes that twenty percent of the parts are common to the cars. Rolls Royce Ghost features a 129.7” wheelbase, bonnet height, track widths, and roof height of its own. The air springs on Phantom were used on Rolls Royce Ghost.

Like some current models of Rolls Royce, the Ghost uses the iDrive user interface of BMW compared to the Phantom series. Since Rolls Royce Ghost was the small version of Phantom, it still has some rooms for extension. The extended wheelbase version features everything else in the car like its 2009 original version in terms of performance, transmission, and engine.

Why Rent A Rolls Royce Ghost in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, or Hollywood?

Rolls Royce Ghost rental in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is the epitome of grace and style. However, its exterior isn’t the only exceptional thing with this vehicle.

Rolls Royce Ghost rental is perfect for your travel in Beverly Hills and any place in Los Angeles. From beautiful parks to other attractive attractions in the city of angels, you will never regret from renting a luxury car like Rolls Royce Ghost.

Where to Hire a Rolls Royce Ghost in LA

The Yes Culture is the best place to book Rolls Royce Ghost in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Wherever you want to ride this amazing car, you can guarantee that it will be delivered to your location.

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